I see him sitting in a cozy room, quiet, comfortable.  He is in profile against the snow falling outside his window.  The day–maybe the past—is running through his mind.  Maybe me.  We are miles apart yet this vision brings him near.  I rely on this picture until I next hear his soothing voice on the line.  When that moment arrives, calm washes over me.  All of the day’s troubles—all of life’s troubles—disappear for a time.

In my eyes, he is love personified.  He evokes indescribable emotion within me.  It reverberated in my chest upon our first meeting.  Stealing glances out of the corner of my eye, the electricity in the air between us was palpable.  Such a relief after already knowing that there was something unique—never before experienced—in the connection already forged.  As each day passes, more light has filtered into my heart; wending its way through the cold, bitter winter.  I am loved.  Even if for a moment this feeling is enough to last a lifetime.

With him I am safe for the first time.  My heart beats faster but from anticipation rather than fear.  We fit together like lost pieces of an ancient puzzle, finally complete.  Those pieces fit together with ease.  Time stands still in tender moments.  He is the only person in my line of vision; even in the midst of chaos.  An anchor.  A home.

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