She found herself in the throes of something cosmic–a purity of heart emanating from the center of her chest.  She could feel lightness take over as the shadows of yesterday receded from her heart and mind.  She stood in silence, allowing the feeling to wash over her.  It was foreign yet beautiful–the antithesis of the hardness and disappointment that had dwelled within her for so long.  As she stood, gazing out her apartment window, she was baffled.  For a moment she thought something might be wrong with her!  But then she realized that she was feeling clear, unadulterated love.  Absent from her was any expectation or judgment.  She did not feel desperate.  She simply felt elated, bright, nourished and valued.  Until that moment, she never thought that such a feeling was possible.

As a young woman, she read stories of epic romance but over time dismissed them as fantasy.  As she progressed through life, and faced seemingly endless obstacles, she became cynical.  There would never be someone safe.  No one would be capable of disarming her.  At times she even contemplated a life alone.  Then–whether by chance or divine intervention–she met him.  He honored her and made no attempts to crush her spirit.  Instead, he lifted her up.  For the first time she felt safe removing her armor.  She no longer hid behind a façade of perfection.  She was raw and real.  He gifted her with himself, honestly sharing his truth and humanity.

Through him, she realized that love is not about perfection.  It is about flawed people coming together in acceptance.  She discovered that epic romances can emerge from the ashes of the past.  She believed that the lives they had lived before brought them to a specific moment in time where they connected.  Through a chance encounter she discovered how to love.  This love was magnified by the sound of his voice, his written word, and the feeling of his hand clasping hers.  She was safe for the very first time.

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