The Shift


In an instant, the world can be transformed from frozen indigo to warm scarlet.  In a moment, we can suddenly be blinded by all of the beauty that we have seen and all that is yet to be.  Like the embers of first morning so can our awareness rise to a place that shines on the pathway of our healing, illuminating the final stretch.  With the way clear and bright, is it any easier to move ahead?  Or will the imprint of past pains cut our feet as we walk, glass shards ripping naked flesh?  Will we allow thorns to grow over the path or take the first step?

Surrendering to the possibility of each day always felt impossible.  For too long, her hope was obscured by fear, doubt, self-sacrifice, neglect and projection.  She frequently envisioned herself walking endlessly in a windstorm, barefoot on a sheet of ice.  God was with her but there was a disconnect.  Walls of hardened emotion surrounded a fortress made of scar tissue.  Memories of past trauma played on repeat in the dimmed chambers of her heart.  From time to time, rays of white light shone down into the fortress, providing a glimpse of who she really was underneath the burden of her past.  She did not have the courage to let down the drawbridge.  Her will imprisoned her.

Then came the shift.  She grew tired of shivering in the cold as she used her light to warm others.  She wanted to unleash her heart, and dismantle the fortress walls.  Everything she wanted was waiting on the other side.  And so she let go.  She abandoned her will and turned her light inward, melting the ice and illuminating her heart.  The fortress flooded, and the walls which had imprisoned her broke apart.  She recognized that God had been with her all along.  The proof of this came in the form of an unforeseen gift.  On her path stood a figure with his hand outstretched.  This time, there were no brambles or glass shards blocking her way.  She took the first step, and felt the warm glow of the Sun.  She realized that we were not meant to walk alone.

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